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Orchid Desktop Technical Support

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Orchid Live 4

Here is where you can download the latest changes and updates to Orchid Live 4. The latest version is 4.06. (how do I upgrade?)


  • The records seem corrupted / Orchid is running slowly

    This may mean the database has become corrupted. Don’t worry, this is easy to fix by optimising it. Please see the instructions on the next question.

  • How do I optimise the database?

    If the database has become corrupted, or is running slowly, optimising the database may help.

    1. Exit Orchid.
    2. Click on the Windows Start menu and navigate to the Orchid folder. Inside that folder you should see a file entitled “Optimise Databases”. Click it.
    3. Orchid will now open. Enter your username and password as normal. NOTE: Everyone else must be logged out, otherwise this will not work.
    4. Now go to the System menu, and click ‘Optimise Database’.
    5. This will bring up a small window entitled ‘Optimise Database’.
    6. Make sure ‘All databases’ and ‘Run Silently’ are selected, then click [OK].
  • Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word does not open

    This may be down to an incorrect setting in Orchid, or a problem with Microsoft Office.

    If because of Orchid

    Orchid has to know where Microsoft Office is installed on your computer otherwise it will not know how to open it. This is a setting saved under the main menu, System > User Settings, and called the “WORD Path”. That is where the location of Microsoft Office on your computer should be saved.

    Typically it would be something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe but contact your technical support person if unsure. Sometimes clicking the [Find] button allows Orchid to locate this for you automatically.

    If a path has been entered, test it out by clicking the [Test] button. If it works, Microsoft Word should open a new blank document.

    If you are still having problems, please contact us or speak to your technical support person.

    If because of Microsoft Office

    Orchid will be unable to put data into Microsoft Excel or Word if it’s already open and showing an error message. Click on Excel or Word and close the error message. Now try again.

    For any other problems with Microsoft Office, please speak to your technical support person.

  • Orchid is running slowly

    There could be several different reasons for this.

    If you are using Orchid installed on your own machine

    If you are a heavy user of Orchid, i.e. inputting tens of thousands of records, Orchid may slow down slightly when searching records. However, this is normal, as it takes the computer more time to go through thousands of records. Yet if it becomes so slow that it is unusable, that may indicate a problem. Orchid may benefit from having its database optimized. This is really easy to do. See the instructions above.

    Another possibility is that other programs are running on your computer at the same time, and taking up the computer’s resources. For example, back-up software or virus-scanners can really slow down a machine. Also if your computer is infected with a virus or other malicious piece of software, the machine can slow down considerably. Speak to your technical support person if you suspect this may be the case.

    If you are accessing Orchid remotely from a server or over the Internet

    If you are accessing Orchid over a local computer network or through a mobile phone line, it may be the speed of your connection to blame. Try using a faster connection.

    If you access Orchid via a remote desktop program, these require a very fast connection to work properly. Accessing them over a mobile phone line is usually very slow. It may be better to have a local copy of Orchid installed on your machine instead. Speak to your technical support person about having a local copy installed.

  • There are empty screening records

    This is usually down to human error. It is easy to accidentally record a new empty screening by clicking [Add] then exiting the screen immediately and clicking [Save]. You may be thinking nothing is really saved because you didn’t enter any data, but instead it just saves an empty screening. All you need to do is delete the empty ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How do I add a new employee? A. On the home page, click the [Add] button.
  • Q. How do I add cautions for an employee? A. Find the employee, then click the [...] button next to the Cautions box. Tick (by double-clicking) each item you wish to have listed as a caution, then click [Return] to save and exit. If you wish to remove any cautions in the future, just click each tick box item to un-tick them, then [Return] to save.
  • Q. May I scan in a completed form? A. Yes. If the form is a Pre-Employment questionnaire, go to Employee Data > Management > Pre-employment. If the form is of any other kind, use the Digital Storage facility. Go to Employee Data > Digital Storage.
  • Q. How do I print a fitslip? A. Go to the Pre-Employment screen (Employee Data > Management > Pre-employment) and click the [Print Fitslip] button on the top-right of the screen. This will open up the completed document in Microsoft Word.
  • Q. How do I generate letters? A. Go to the Documents screen (Employee Data > Documents). Click the [Add] button to select the template you want. This opens up the Select Document Template File box. Click the template file you want Orchid to use, and click [Open].
    Orchid will open up the template file in your word processor and fill in all the necessary details (such as employee name, address, or whatever else). As it says, you can press the + keys on your keyboard to switch over to your word processor program, take a look at, and make any necessary changes. Alternatively, click on the word processor on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
    As it says, you can press the <alt>+<tab> keys on your keyboard to switch over to your word processor program, take a look at it and make any necessary changes. Or click on the word processor on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
    When you’re happy with it, switch back to Orchid and choose to either [Print + Save] or just [Save] it to the employee’s records.
  • Q. How do I change a document template? A. Click the [Open Templates Folder] button. If not present, look in on your computer. Once you have opened the folder, you can open and edit any of the template documents found there.
  • Q. How do I make my own document templates? A. Click the [Open Templates Folder] button. You can either copy one of these and edit it to suit your requirements, or consult page 105 of the Instructions Manual for more details info.
  • Q. How do hide screens I don’t use? A. Go to the User Screens page at System > Settings > User Screens, then simply un-tick the screens you wish Orchid to hide.
  • Q. How do change the normal recall times? A. Go to the Recall Settings page at System > Settings > Recall Settings. Note this is only viewable by administrators and managers.
  • Q. How do I record an employee as having left the company? A. Access the Leaving Details screen via Employee Data > Personnel Data > Leaving Details. Click [Edit] to enter information or change what’s there already. Tick the box next to “Archive?” to set the employee as having left the company. Click [Finish] to save your changes.
  • Q. How do I reinstate a former employee? A. If an employee has returned, or they have been accidentally set as archived, simply return to the Leaving Details screen (Employee Data > Personnel Data > Leaving Details) and un-tick the box next to ‘Archive’ and they will be returned to normal standing.
  • Q. How do I get Audiogram results via a computer-to-Audiometer link? A. The Audiometer must be set up on your computer, and also set up in Orchid. To set it up in Orchid, go to System > Settings > Equipment Settings (note: this page is only viewable to managers and system administrators). Full instrucitons appear on page 137 of the Instructions Manual.
  • Q. How do I save images to the HAVS or skin screening? A. On the screening page, you will see three boxes. They allow yo uto add up to three images. Click the [Choose] button, and a box will appear, prompting you to select the image files from your computer. Find the image file on your computer and click [Open]. This will add the image to Orchid.
  • Q. How do I change the codes, locations, immunisations, etc.? A. Go to the Code Management screen, found at System > Code Management. Select the type of codes you wish to see and edit using the drop-down boxes at the top.
    To change a code, click on it once, then click the [Edit] button to the right. Note that different codes have different fields associated with it. For example, most only have a ‘Code’ and accompanying ‘Description’, but others such as those for locations will also have other fields, such as addresses or contracts.
    To delete a code, click on it once, the click the [Delete] button.
  • Q. How do I add in a new code? A. Go to the Code Management screen, found at System > Code Management. Codes are associated with particular screens, so make sure you have selected the correct screen from the ‘Choose screen’ drop-down box.
    Now choose the correct field where you want your new code to appear. Enter a new code and description (and any other fields that may appear for certain types of codes). Finally, click [Finish] to save your changes. You may now use the new code.
  • Q. How do I transfer data from my copy Orchid on my laptop, back to the office computer? A. Please see page 148 of the Instructions Manual.

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Orchid 3

The latest version of Orchid 3 is 3.86. Please upgrade to this if you are on a previous one, or contact us about upgrading to Orchid Live 4.

Contact Us

If your issue is still not resolved, please feel free to contact us:

  • Online through our contact page.
  • Via e-mail:
  • Via telephone: +44 (0)191 259 4740
  • Via fax: +44 (0)191 259 4741

Orchid 3 Change Log

3.00 - 32bit Equinox version - screen colours changed. Email etc.
3.01 - Multi-user reports. FirstSeen check, ID Changed flood, Leaver flag
3.20 - Diary release, Bradford Score, Recalls button
3.21 - Added Status button to Personal Screen
3.22 - Enhanced procedure for saving images
3.23 - Added Site of Immunisation code field
3.24 - New Sickness Stats Report
- HQ Screen added Forename Search & DOB Field
- Activity Screen added DOB
- HQ Added to Personal Details
3.25 - Added Specific Activity Mappings for Surveillance, Contacts and Imms
3.30 - Added new Audio Categorisation, Waist Measurement and Asthma on General Screening
3.31 - Added Medical to ActivityAdd
3.32 - Immunisation Next Event Due Added, Added Documents to Activity
3.33 - Changed ActivityAdd so that if the user doesn't put a code in, that activity is not created.
3.40 - Started adding Reminders to system, starting with New Activity Screen
3.41 - Reminders added into Contacts Screen
3.42 - Added Activity into Employee's Personal Screen
3.43 - Added Reminders into Sickness Actions
3.50 - DatePicker added to all date fields
3.52 - Added support for Spida 5 spirometry software
3.53 - Consent added
3.54 - Added New User Group - Incident User with restricted access. Added Diagnosis to Sick Stats
3.55 - Amended Waist / Hip to allow more than 99cm. Altered Incomplete Questionnaires report to sort by Job, Added Fitslip date to HQ_Fill procedure
3.56 - SPIDA 5 Graphs and link corrected
3.57 - Added Link to Amplivox PC850 Software
3.58 - Diary sorted, added Delete Day and Move Appointment
3.59 - ASRA Audiometer download completed, Compliance Report Improved
3.60 - HAVS Screening Added
3.61 - PC850 error sorted, Spida5 checked (no error)
3.62 - Batch Letters added, DiaryAdd changed to pass date and id
3.63 - HAVS added to Default Recall page, Sickness Restrictions - added dates, Imm Batch details added.
3.70 - Digital Files added instead of only Images. Enhancement of transfer feature to enable single and automatic file transfers.
3.71 - Added Screening Status Reports
3.72 - Added high-quality form scanning. Longer HQ Surname.
3.80 - Transfer changed to omit blank records. More space in audio, skin comments. Muffs/Plugs comments added.
3.81 - New transfer / old export type started. Outcomes for all screenings. Employees Seen export shows outcomes.
3.83 - New Documents Browser - Updated Import/Export for Transfer.
3.84 - Employee Batch Print added.
3.85 - Added Night Shift, Laboratory and Evaluations for all users. Menus now have 4 lines possible.
3.85a - Company field added to personal details screen.
3.85b - Spirotrac GDT Import completed.
3.85c - Spirotrac GDT Import (v4)completed.

Orchid 3 will no longer be updated. Please contact us about upgrading to Orchid 4!

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Orchid Live 4 Change Log

4.00 - Moved Orchid to the faster and more efficient Equinox database version 5. All the screens have been refreshed with a new look. Completely rebuilt Reports screen, now easier to use than ever before, with speed enhancements.
4.00b - Added the much easier to use Windows File Select dialog box to the data transfer screen. Immunisations text has been added to front page for extra convenience.
4.00d - Enhanced the new Cautions Report. Added Surveillance activity codes.
4.00e - Enhanced the reports to include more options for including archived data.
4.01 - Enhanced the new Cautions Report to include the Manager. The Add Activity for Employee feature now defaults to the currently selected employee for extra convenience. Also: You may now specify how many recent employees will appear on the front page, anywhere between 0 and 23.
4.04 - Brand new feature: Contracts. Now you may limit users to only see employees who are associated with certain contracts, or companies, to which you have assigned them.
4.04a - Enhancement to the Recalls Report to work with different screening types.
4.05 - The new Audit Trail report has been added. Reminders now works with the new Contracts feature. Work has begun on a new Referrals Section.

More enhancements and new features coming soon!

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